National whaling regulations


The pilot whale drive is regulated by government order, which stipulates in detail requirements for the organisation, supervision and conduct of the whale drive, killing methods and approved equipment, as well as rules for the distribution of the shares of a catch. These regulations are subject to regular review and have been updated and revised a number of times in recent years, both to keep them consistent with technological developments in practice and to refine some of the organisational aspects of the drive and distribution. 
The regulations, mostly recently revised in July 2013, outline which whaling bay belongs to which of the 6 districts (sýslur) when a catch of whales is shared. There are 23  whaling bays which meet the requirements for suitable beaching conditions and are authorised by separate Government executive order. No other location may be used to drive whales ashore. In each district the hunt is supervised by the district administrator (sýslumaður), and each authorised bay has 4 publically elected whaling foremen.
The Faroese Pilot Whaler’s Association (Grindamannafelagið) serves as a forum for public debates and discussions on issues related to the hunt. The Ministry of Fisheries is responsible for the administration of whaling regulations. The Faroe Islands contribute actively to international scientific and intergovernmental bodies which deal with research, conservation and management of whale stocks. (see also under International cooperation.)