Many different species of whales and dolphins occur in the waters around the Faroe Islands. Of these, a number of small toothed whales, mainly pilot whales, are taken in the Faroe Islands for their meat and blubber. The characteristically Faroese form of whaling, known in Faroese as grind, was once common around the North Atlantic. Organised on the local community level and regulated by national legislation, the Faroese whale drive has over the years successfully adapted to modern standards of resource management and animal welfare.


For the Faroe Islands - an island nation overwhelmingly dependent on what the sea can provide -  the conservation and sustainable management of all living marine resources, including marine mammals is of vital importance.


The pilot whale drive – in brief


For a summary of key information on Faroese whaling, download the document Community-based whaling in the Faroe Islands (October 2014, 4 pages)