Der Färöer Walfang in den Medien

TEDBlog: “Tradition or travesty? A TED Fellow’s documentary investigates the complexities of whale hunting in the Faroe Islands”

(2015) by Karen Eng. – link

VICE: “Inside the Grind: The Fight for Whale Hunting in the Faroe Islands”

(2015) by Elise Coker and Ed Ou.

Artefact: “The red sea of the Faroe Islands”

(2014) by Bryndis Hjartardottir. - link

National Geografic: “Faroe Island Whaling, a 1,000-Year Tradition, Comes Under Renewed Fire”

(2014) by Jane J. Lee. – link

Al Jazeera TV: “Everywoman - Interview with Kate Sanderson on whaling in the Faroe Islands"

(2008) produced by Ingun í Skrivarastovu.

PBS, USA, Frontline World: “Faroe Islands: Message from the Sea”

(2007) by reporter/directors Monica Lam & Serene Fang. - link